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Office Oral Health Care

By: | Tags: | Comments: 1 | April 27th, 2015

If you work in an office, you are probably making your teeth fight a hard battle to stay healthy. Between the sugary snacks co-workers bring in for everyone and the very necessary coffee breaks, there is a lot that can harm your teeth.

North Point Periodontics has made a list of a few ways to help you avoid some dental pitfalls.

Problem: Free sugary sweets in the office

Solution: Make a rule for you to avoid these sweets. If there is a particular spot in your office where these foods can be found, make a rule not to eat off that table. That way you can occasionally enjoy a sweet treat if the snacks show up somewhere else.

Problem: Coffee (and other dark substances).

Solution: Most of us start the day off with a nice hot cup of joe or some other type of caffeinated drink, and when it’s busy it’s not uncommon for you to throw back a few more cups during a particularly busy day. Although coffee and tea have a great way of keeping us awake, they do have their drawbacks. They both offer the potential of stained teeth as well as sugar (if you are one that enjoys their drinks on the sweeter side). Both situations can be remedied to a point. Washing your mouth with water between sips or after you have finished your drink can help tremendously. The water will clean the dark off of your teeth and prevent sugar from building up between your teeth.

Problem: Eating at your desk.

Solution: You may not realize it, but eating at your desk can cause a big potential for bacterial growth.  This can affect both your oral and overall health. Try eating you lunch out a couple times a week or even utilize the break room your office provides. If you must eat at your desk then be sure to sanitize and clean your desk before and after eating.

Problem: Vending machine food.

Solution: If you tend to visit the vending machine often for a quick meal, tray and pick something that is low in sugar and salts. For example, unsalted nuts, are tasty, healthy, quick, and won’t give you the sense of crashing after a sugar rush.


One thought on “Office Oral Health Care

  1. Harachi

    I work in a busy office in Anchorage, and most of the paitnets I see have tried some sort of whitening. OTC or in office. I have worked in this office for 8 1/2 yrs and we had an in office bleaching system when I started and we became unhappy with it, the results just were not there. We tried differant ways to do it and found nothing changed. We did a promotion ,at one point with NP, they recieved a free set of bleach trays wit the first syringe of bleach gel. we have tried to find a in office bleaching system without using a light, and have been insuccessful. I see 8-9 paitnets a day and almost half have tried Crest strips. They are the only OTC product we recommend. I have seen great results with that, so for the $ and for the time invested it seems more paitnets are going for the inexpensive strips, and they are satisfied with the results. We also do Invisalign in our office and they can use their aligners for bleach trays, so that is a double bonus for them. I bleached my teeth years ago, I have veneers and do not need to any longer, but I remember alot of sensitivity. I do think that we are missing out in our practice by not promoting the bleach trays or some sort of in office bleaching system. We have just changed owners of the practice, so hopefully we will see some more interest in finding one we like.

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