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Tooth Extractions in Alpharetta, GA

Fearing you need a tooth extraction keeps many people from visiting a dentist when they have a bad toothache. Having a tooth taken out isn’t nearly as bad as it sounds. You might actually be relieved to have the tooth out as the pain you’ve been experiencing will finally abate. During the procedure, you usually only feel a little pressure, not pain, and it’s over in a few minutes. Don’t let fear keep you from getting the care you need.

What Does Having a Tooth Pulled Typically Cost?

Your tooth extraction cost depends on whether you’ll require a dental or surgical extraction and how difficult it will be for your dentist to remove the tooth.

What Is a Surgical Extraction?

Dentists perform dental extractions when they can grasp the tooth above the gum and pull it out easily. If they can’t or the tooth is impacted under the gum, they will refer their patient to an oral surgeon who will have to cut the gum to remove the tooth. Please call our dental office for an exam to see if our dentist can remove your tooth or if you will need a referral to an oral surgeon.

When Is Having a Tooth Removed Inescapable?

As dentists, we always want to save a tooth, but sometimes, it isn’t possible. Severe decay can destroy a tooth beyond repair. Trauma or gum disease can also make it impossible for our dentist to save your tooth. Call our office if you need an appointment for a possible extraction. It’s a fast, virtually painless experience.

Why Is My Dentist Suggesting Extracting My Child’s Baby Tooth?

Baby teeth can be stubborn, refusing to budge when the adult tooth is trying to emerge. Another reason your dentist may recommend an extraction is if your child’s teeth are severely overcrowded, or a tooth is badly infected and causing severe pain. Our dentist can put your child at ease and perform the tooth extraction quickly.

Will Severe Periodontal (Gum) Disease Require Me to Get an Extraction?

Gum disease can infect the tissues which hold teeth in place and damage them. If a tooth becomes loose, having the tooth taken out can stop the pain from it wiggling around in your mouth. It’s better to have a dentist remove the tooth as opposed to letting it fall out on its own, as there is less chance of developing an infection.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Usually Have to Come Out?

Dentists recommend wisdom teeth extractions to cure an actual problem or to prevent future problems. If your jaw is too small to hold four more molars, which usually appear in early adulthood, they can become impacted or come in at an angle and press against other teeth.

If the wisdom teeth have emerged, your dentist can most likely remove them. If they are stuck underneath your gum, an oral surgeon will have to remove them. Please call us if you’re feeling pain, swelling or an unpleasant taste in the very back of your mouth. Our dentist will perform an exam and take x-rays to determine if it is a problem with your wisdom teeth coming in.

If I Have Too Many Adult Teeth, Can a Dentist Pull Some of Them?

If you need braces to straighten crowded or crooked teeth, you may need tooth removal to give the teeth space to shift into place. Straight teeth have many advantages; you will have an approved appearance, be able to keep your teeth cleaner and chew more easily. If you need teeth removed, call our office and we’ll arrange an appointment for you.

What Happens After Getting a Tooth Pulled?

After a tooth extraction, we will provide you with instructions for aftercare. It’s essential you follow them so a blood clot will appear at the extraction site to close it. The clot can dislodge easily if you create any suction in your mouth, like by drinking through a straw. You may feel minor pain, which over-the-counter analgesics can alleviate. Your dentist may also suggest ice for any swelling that can occur. Rest with your head elevated for a day and avoid chewing on the side where you had the extraction.

How Long Will I Need to Heal After Having a Tooth Pulled?

Tooth extraction healing is relatively quick when you follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions. You can resume most of your normal activities after a day of rest, but be sure to ask your dentist about anything strenuous. Surgical extractions and molar extractions will take longer to heal.

If you’re searching for a dentist because you need a tooth extraction in Alpharetta, call us at (678) 951-8356 to arrange for an exam. Our goal is to make our patients as relaxed and comfortable as possible if they need an extraction.

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