Dental Crowns of Fillings?

By: | Tags: | Comments: 0 | August 23rd, 2014

You just went to the dentist and found out that you have tooth damage. After examining the tooth your dentist gave you two options, repair it with a filling or a crown. But what is the difference?

Both options will remedy the situation. The dental crown will cost significantly more than the filling. The filling takes just one visit while the crown takes two office visits. Why not just choose the quicker cheaper route and choose to have the filling?

The dentist offers a crown to be placed for a number of reasons. These include greater strength, longevity, better tooth protection, as well as more control over the tooth’s cosmetic appearance.

The size and shape of the hole greatly affects the situation as well. If the hole is large the walls of the tooth may be weak and thin and have difficulty holding the filling in. Another example, if the hole that is being filled in has an entire corner missing, it presents more of a challenge for the dentist to anchor the filling. On the other hand if the hole is smaller in size a filling is a great remedy that is quick and quite dependable.

So all in all, a filling offers a cheap quick fix that could last just as long as a crown and a crown is a more expensive option that is stronger and visually more appealing. So take the time to think it over and make the right decision for yourself.

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