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24Feb, 2015

An Introduction of Root Canal

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A Root Canal is a method in dentistry also known as “paying off the nerve”. In the Root Canal process the vascular nerve blocks inside the tooth causing enormous pain is extracted to avoid further suffering of a patient. With specialized equipment, teeth and gum area are cleaned achieving infection-free operation. Each patient’s tooth has a lot of blood vessels that expand forming a network of sensitive nerves. A root canal is usually a simple procedure with little or no discomfort involving one to three visits to a dentist. Most […]

12Feb, 2015

Sparkling Teeth and Strong Gums!

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All of us secretly wish for the “perfect” smile with beautiful, white teeth and ideal, clean gums. However, we’re not all blessed with the same set of teeth. Some of us are lucky, but without proper maintenance, even the lucky ones could lose their perfect smile. Our teeth could easily lose their luster, and it could lead to costly and time consuming dental work. It may seem strange, but there was a time when we didn’t have the tools for regular upkeep and cleaning of our teeth. With the strides […]

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