December 2014 | North Point

Gum Exams
16Dec, 2014

Impress the family this season with a whiter smile!

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It’s the season of joy and it’s pack with good food, music, and lots of smiles. Thanks to gifts, holiday spirit, and the sweet smell of peppermint we have a lot of reason to smile brightly. With all that smiling, wouldn’t you want to impress your relatives with a healthy white smile? It’s easy for our teeth to lose its vibrancy over time due to things like coffee, sodas, and many of other things. However, this is luckily something you can fix! If you’re worried about stunning the family with […]

Gum Grafting
2Dec, 2014

Oh No! I forgot my toothbrush

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Almost all of us and experienced that dread filled moment when you realize you left your toothbrush at home while packing. It’s okay – its normal to forget things once and a while! But now what should you do? I have my toothpaste but no brush! It’s common to have only forgotten your toothbrush but still grab your toothpaste. This is the most ideal scenario. If this is the case find a paper towel – preferably the thickest you can find – and wrap it around your finger. Damp the […]

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